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dtg printed hoodie and t shirt

High precision

Screen printing offers excellent precision and accuracy in
reproducing intricate designs and fine details on various materials.

all-over printing hats and sweatshirt


This printing method can be used on a wide range of
substrates, including paper, fabric, glass, metal, and plastic.

sublimated mugs and socks


The ink used in screen printing is highly durable and
resistant to fading, making it suitable for long-lasting
applications such as outdoor signage and promotional materials.

embroidered denim jacket and sweatshirt


Screen printing is a cost-effective option for large-scale
production runs, as it allows for high-speed printing and efficient use of materials.

Direct-to-film technique


Screen printing allows for customization and personalization,
as it can accommodate a variety of ink colors and special effects,
such as metallic or fluorescent inks.

The artistry of silk screen printing