Choosing the most suitable printing technique for your t-shirts depends on your specific needs and goals. Here is an evaluation of various printing techniques for different aspects:

Production Quantity:
For large-scale production, screen printing is an efficient choice as it can handle a large volume of garments with the same design.
For small-batch production or personalized customization, digital printing is a more suitable choice as it enables diverse designs and quick turnaround.

Design ComplexityIf your design involves multiple colors, gradients or intricate images, digital printing can generally reproduce these details better.
If your design has fewer colors and simple patterns, screen printing may be an and durable option.

Garment Type:
Different printing techniques are suitable for different types of garments. Screen printing, digital printing, and heat transfer are usually applicable to cotton, polyester, and blended fabrics.
Embery can be applied to various types of garments, including t-shirts, hats, jackets, etc.

ability and Effect:
Embroidery excels in durability and texture, making it suitable for garments requiring high-end decoration and brand logos.
Screen printing and heat transfer can provide long-lasting patterns, but screen may have some limitations for complex designs.
Digital printing can achieve high-quality images and details, but its durability may be slightly lower than other.

Different printing techniques vary in cost. Screen printing is generally suitable for large-scale production, while digital printing is more cost-effective for small-batch or personalized customization.
Embroidery is usually high-end decoration technique, which may come with higher costs.

In conclusion, choosing the best printing technique depends on your specific needs, including production quantity, design, garment type, durability requirements, and budget. The best approach is often to work with a supplier or manufacturer who can provide professional advice based on your requirements offer the best solution accordingly.