When it comes to personalized customization, we offer the following options and limitations for printing locations:


Color selection: We provide a wide range of color options to meet your personalized needs. You can choose from single-color, multi-color, or full-color printing based on your design and preferences.

Patterns and designs: You can provide custom patterns and designs based on your brand image, event theme, or personal preferences. Our design team can work with you to bring your ideas to life and ensure excellent printing results.

Text and fonts: In addition to patterns and designs, you can choose to add text and select specific fonts. This allows you to display personalized information, slogans, or slogans on your printed shirts.

Printing locations:

Front chest: This is the most common printing location, suitable for placing main patterns, logos, or text. Front chest printing is typically located on the front of the shirt at the chest area.

Back: Back printing is typically used to add additional patterns, logos, or text, making the shirt attention-grabbing from the back as well.

Sleeves: Some shirt styles allow for printing on the sleeves, adding a unique personalized element to the shirt.

Bottom hem: Some shirt styles allow for printing on the bottom hem (lower part of the shirt). This is a very prominent location that can attract attention and showcase personalized designs.

It should be noted that the availability of specific personalized customization options and printing locations may vary depending on the garment style and material. Our sales and design teams will work with you to provide the best personalized customization options based on your needs and the type of clothing.

When discussing and confirming order details, we will discuss your personalized requirements in detail and ensure that your design and choice of printing location are feasible and can achieve the desired effect.

Please feel free to contact our team for more detailed information about personalized customization options and printing locations.